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Peripheral Payloads

Peripheral Solutions for Various Challenging Tasks

M30 Winch System

An airborne delivery rope suitable for emergency rescue, air delivery of materials and collections water probes (with a custom attachment). It has a specially selected industrial class high strength and high toughness rope. The rope has special feature that allows for a uniform winding and unwinding. By default it features a gravity hook for and easy decoupling, safe collection and release of goods. It can be used in public security, fire fighting, power wiring, material back and forth transportation, disaster relief rescue supplies in isolated areas and various other areas.

M-1V Wireless Long Range Megaphone

M-1V Wireless Long Range Megaphone is a compact and lightweight device with a powerful sound projection of up to 78db which results a in loud and clear sound that can be well heard 150m away. It’s comes with a walkie talkie with a signal range of 5km. It also supports a broadcasting mode by featuring a USB port that allows the user to connect a memory stick with a pre-recorded audio message. It’s very easy to operate and is ideal for broadcasting useful messages in various situations such as, traffic dispersion, large-scale activities, police investigation, search and rescue and emergency broadcast.

MVO-3D Oblique Mapping and Surveying Camera

MVO-3D Oblique Mapping and Surveying Camera has a total resolution of 120MP and is one of the newest generation of flagship aircraft mapping cameras. It is equipped with 5pcs special aerial survey lens, high central resolution and ultra-low dispersion aspheric lens, which can reduce dispersion, compensate aberration, improve sharpness and obtain high-quality aerial photos. The APS-C picture frame image sensor provides MVO-3D with higher image quality performance and pursues the limit of true restoration of data acquisition. The high resolution pictures with geo tagging benefit for post processing of 3D modelling. MVO-3D camera uses the internal mirror shutter technology, which reduces the volume of a single camera module, makes the overall size of the camera small and light (only 650g). The onboard storage is up to 640GB which greatly improves the ability to work. MVO-3D also has an open parameter adjustment function, so that field operators can adjust camera parameters according to real-time weather conditions to obtain higher quality original data.

MSB Delivery Drop Box

MSB Delivery Drop Box is a simple yet smart box for various cargo deliveries by drone. It features a manual door for loading and unloading the box at the back and an electrically controlled delivery doors bellow for air dropping the cargo. The high strength structural design has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 5kg. It’s ideal for various delivery operations and the air drop feature allows for flexibility of whether to land and unload the cargo or drop it from the air.

MD-5 Package Drop System

MD-5 is a 5-stage (5 hooks) UAV airdrop device. The main body is composed of aviation grade aluminium and carbon fibre. Its characteristics are that it’s light weight and has a max payload capacity of 5kgs per hook. Each of the 5 hooks can be independently controlled and when activated the hook will open to drop the payload.

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